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Our Values



  • Exceed Clients’ Expectations - Put our clients’ interests first whilst anticipating their changing needs in a complex and evolving financial sector in order to deliver more value than expected
  • Integrity and Honesty - Are at the heart of our business transactions. We stand for absolute integrity and maintenance of high ethical standards in service delivery
  • Keep our Client Information Confidential - Keep sensitive information about our clients confidential and protected at all times
  • Independence - Stay independent regardless of the popularity of our views or their effect on our fees. Cornerstone will maintain political neutrality at all times
  • Deliver Cost effective Solutions - Our people handle clients’ and our firms’ resources as they would treat their own resources. Strive to find long-term creative solutions to our clients’ needs
  • Creativity - Nurture creativity and imagination in service delivery.
  • Generate Value for Shareholders - Generate sustainable capital growth and return on investment for our shareholders
  • Stakeholder Interest - To fulfil our social responsibilities as a good corporate citizen by safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders



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